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Each participant will receive a personalised timetable scheduled around their time zone.



  • Daily group classes (5 in a group / each class 3 hours duration) during which each participant will receive a daily 30 minute lesson observed by the rest of their group.

  • 7 masterclasses (3 hours duration each). Each participant will perform in one masterclass during the week. The masterclass they perform in will be allocated by the faculty.

  • Panel discussions with Q&A (attended by all participants)


  • 7 group classes - All performing participants will be placed in small groups of 5 students. Each student will receive a daily 30 minute lesson throughout the 7 day course within their group class (to be observed by the rest of their group only). Each group class will last a total of 3 hours and every participant must be in attendance throughout their group class in order that they can learn from each other. At the end of each group lesson, there will be a discussion with their FIVA professor to discuss topics covered in the class. Each group of 5 participants will remain together throughout the 7 days.

Each day, participants will rotate to another FIVA faculty professor. By the end of FIVA 2020, every student will have have received at least one x 30 minute lesson from each of the professors including: Cihat Askin, Rodney Friend, Yuzuko Horigome, Dong-Suk Kang, So-Ock Kim, Siyeon Ryu and Joel Smirnoff


  • Each student will have the opportunity to play in one public masterclass during FIVA 2020 as chosen by the faculty as well as access to view the remaining public masterclasses. Public masterclasses will be given by: Pinchas Zukerman, Augustin Hadelich, Rodney Friend, Yuzuko Horigome, Joel Smirnoff, Cho-Liang Lin and Cihat Askin.


  • Access to observe and submit questions to panel discussions with leading figures in the classical music world. Panel discussions will take place at the end of the FIVA public masterclasses.

A more detailed timetable will be sent to each participant at least one week before the course

* Registration - If you are under 18, you must have a responsible adult in all online sessions with you at all times.*

We welcome performing participants as well as observers (who wish to view the LIVE public masterclasses). Please join our mailing list if you wish to be notified when tickets go live on sale for the public masterclasses.

Cost of course

Total cost: £750.00 (Payable via Stripe)

Secure payments powered by Stripe (Safe and secure SSL Encrypted)

Applicants will be notified if  they have been accepted as a participant on the Friend's International Violin Academy by the 3rd of July 2020.  Once payment has been received, chosen participants will receive detailed course information.

How to apply

To apply, click here (Fill in online application form and pay £20 registration fee (non refundable)
Deadline for applications (1st July 2020)


Online Sessions

1. Each session will be led by a moderator who will ensure that all students can enter the Zoom room 15 minutes before the start of each session (to check their set up and connection)

2. Should any problems occur with the faculty's internet connectivity, the session will be rescheduled for a later date.

3. Should any problems occur with the student's internet connectivity, the moderator will endeavor to help the student re connect and if possible, move their performance time within the same class to a different time to give them time to re-connect.

FIVA takes no responsibility if a student cannot join a class due to their own internet accessibility issues and no refunds will be liable. However, they will look at each case on an individual basis. Any refund is at the discretion of the Artistic Director.

5. Lessons/Group Classes will be conducted through
Zoom with additional superior audio through Source Connect.

6. Headphones MUST be worn by all parties for all classes using
Source Connect.

7. Public masterclasses will be conducted through
Zoom only (not using Source Connect). Headphones are therefore optional for these classes.

8. Each class will have its own specific
Zoom link for students to join which will be sent out one week before the course start date.

9. For lessons/group classes, students will be invited to join the
Source Connect audio by email link at the start of each class.

10. All students will meet the course manager online at least 7 days before the start of the course to check their connectivity and implement any changes advised by the manager.

11. All students will need:

  • A desktop/laptop computer (not a tablet or phone)

  • Closed headphones with a long enough extension cable to play comfortably. (Extension cables can be bought cheaply from Amazon)

  • Bluetooth headphones do not always work with Source Connect and can run out of battery mid session so wired ones are advised

  • Google Chrome must be set as a browser on the device.

  • In the case of a computer with a poor in built microphone, the course manager will advise if a USB microphone should be used. This is not compulsory but may significantly improve the quality of the student's sound.

12. Piano accompaniment often overwhelms the audio on Zoom and so if a student wishes to use an accompanist, they must first operate a sound check with the course manager. Please email the FIVA Manager, Nicole Wilson: (Click on this link to reveal email) to arrange a suitable time to conduct this at least 7 days before the course begins.

13. If the sound quality is deemed too poor during a session, the following measures will be implemented:

  • Any accompaniment will be asked to not play

  • The student will be asked to stop temporarily while another student takes their turn

  • The moderator will work with the student to improve their connection/sound.

14. If a student loses connection during the class, they must ring the moderator on the following telephone +44 (0)333 011 9444 and follow instructions

15. Each day of the course all participants must check for Zoom updates to ensure as smooth an experience as possible for all parties.

16. Students must ensure that their computer is up to date with any operating system updates issued. This is the student's responsibility.

17. If a student cannot watch a public masterclass, they can request a link to watch it for up to 7 days after the course. Please email
(click on link to reveal email address) to request a link.

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